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The talented composer , producer and engineer  Lou A. Kouvaris has spent the past four decades proving that the guitar is where his true virtuosity lies.  Born in Europe, April 20th 1954, this guitarist has performed worldwide with some of the most monumental names in the music industry.  The passion L.A. has developed for music, however, was not an introspective development but a revelation, influenced by a band that changed lives across the globe.  The Beatles, along with varietal rock music from the 60's and 70's have directed the path that would follow.

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From My New CD

Welcome to My Website!


I couldn't be more pleased that you've found my personal website!


Family and Friends,
    After many years of encouragement, I have finally found the time to create a website that tells about my colorful career as a guitarist/recording artist. Here the facts will be told and the stories will finally be shared. It has given me the opportunity to reacquaint myself with fans and fellow musicians. On most websites you will find the accomplishments of that artist or person,,, but as you know the the road to success doesn't come easy. Let downs and highlights, roller coaster rides for most come with the territory.Every Star and up and comers experience these and most of them will tell you that on their way there were some incredible events that that led to what I call the Un accomplishments. So I decided to list a few and add some as I remember them and there are many. We all have experienced them. It is your loyalty and dedication that inspired the creation of this website.  I greatly appreciate your support and encouragement through the years.
                                                 Thank you, 

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